Modular Manufacturing for Bioprocessing

The next step to accelerate commercialization of biorefineries is the mass production of biomass processing modules. Biomass processing modules can be fabricated at a central construction facility with modern manufacturing practices, including automation, sensors and controls, and lean and agile manufacturing. This approach has proven successful in the airline, vehicle, and consumer product industries and could be the missing piece to rapid growth in advanced biofuel production.

[PHOTO]Energy Manufacturing Workshop 2015

A group of representatives from research, academia, industry, and government met in May 2015 at the Energy Manufacturing Workshop to lay the groundwork for further research in this area.

Materials from the Energy Manufacturing Workshop 2015

Energy Manufacturing Workshop 2015 Report


Energy Manufacturing Workshop, Jonathan Male

Cool Planet Energy Systems (CPES): Path to Commercialization, Daren Daugaard

Modularization in Automation, Kelli Malloy

Feedstock Manufacturing, Kevin Kenney

Standardarization/Modularization of Processes, Philip Keith

Modularization in Total Systems Integration,  Rudi Roeslein

Transportable Fast-Pyrolysis Process for Distributed Conversion of Waste Biomass to Renewable Liquid Fuels, Ted Admunsen

Modularisation of Bioenergy Systems, Tony Bridgwater

Other Information

About the Speakers and Panelists (PDF)

Participant List (PDF)

Background Materials

Modularized Pyrolysis Biorefinery (PDF)

[IMAGE]Energy ManufacturingDistributed Production of Biobased Products (PDF)

Modular Chemical Processing (PDF)

Small Modular Infrastructure (PDF)

Learning rates and their impacts on the optimal capacities and production costs of biorefineries (PDF)



Chemical Conversion via Modular Manufacturing: Distributed, Stranded, and Waste Feedstocks Workshop,  Dec. 2-4, 2015, St. Louis, MO (By invitation only).

Energy Manufacturing Workshop 2015, May 11-12, 2015


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