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Funding Opportunity: Supporting Entrepreneurial Energy Discoveries (SEED)

  • Solicitation on topics informing new program areas: Topic T: Supporting Entrepreneurial Energy Discoveries (SEED) DE-FOA-0001954
  • Full Proposal Deadline: Wednesday, January 13, 2021 (end of day)
  • $200,000 – $500,000 (24 months); no cost share required for this topic area [“T”]

SBIR Eligibility: A small business must lead the project team and perform at least 66.7% of Phase I work and 50% of Phase II work.
STTR Eligibility: A small business must lead the project team and perform at least 40% of Phase I & II work. One research institution performs at least 30% of Phase I & II work. Questions due to before Monday, January 4, 2021 (8:30 Central).

This Topic Area [“T”] will identify and support disruptive concepts in energy-related technologies within small businesses, including collaborations with universities/national labs, and have potential for large-scale impact. Projects should create new paradigms in energy technology and have potential to achieve significant reductions in U.S. energy consumption (measured in quads), energy-related imports (measured in quads), or energy-related emissions (measured in megatons/gigatons of CO2 or CH4, etc.). Awards under this program will support research projects that establish potential new areas for technology development and provide ARPA-E with information that could lead to new ARPA-E focused funding programs. Awards may support exploratory research, proof-of-concept demonstration, and/or modeling and simulation efforts for new energy technologies.