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Funding Opportunity: Sun Grant Program

Sponsor: USDA-NIFA via South Dakota State University (SDSU)
Title: Sun Grant Program – North Central Region (SGP-NCR)
Deadline: Pre-Proposal Deadline: February 1, 2021 (5:00PM Central)
  Full Proposal Deadline: March 30, 2021 (5:00PM Central)
Funding range: Up to $450,000 or up to 2 years (will provide up to 65% of Award amount in year 1); Cost share required: 20% of total project cost
Topics: The Sun Grant Program will benefit multidisciplinary, multi-institutional/multi-state teams integrating research, extension, and education programs addressing critical challenges in the bioeconomy. The program will foster the formation and operation of research teams to pursue bold, transformative, and high-impact activities and outcomes that will become a road map leading to long-term success. This program allows successful project teams to use this to leverage for larger competitive opportunities, both while the project is active and after completion. Projects must seek to accomplish and clearly articulate the following:\


  1. National security through development, distribution, and implementation of biobased energy & value-added product tech.;
  2. Economic diversification and stability in rural areas of the United States through biobased energy and product technologies;
  3. Environmental sustainability of agricultural production in the United States through biobased energy and product technologies;
  4. Enhance the effectiveness and impact of biomass, biotransformation, bioenergy and bioproducts research and development programs through effective coordination and collaboration among:   The USDA, Additional appropriate Federal agencies, Land-grant and non-land grant colleges and universities, & Industry;
  5. Leverage the activities and outcomes of the proposed project for future and larger funding opportunities via NIFA-funded programs, additional Federal agencies, public-private partnerships, and others.