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Fall 2023 Regenerative Agriculture Workshops

Advancing Economic Opportunities in Regenerative Agriculture in Iowa:Advancing Economic Opportunities in Regenerative Agriculture in Iowa: Stakeholder Report Stakeholder Report

Iowa State University convened a team in the fall of 2023 to assess economic opportunities for regenerative agriculture within the state of Iowa; opportunities for associated commercializable innovations, technologies, and services; and options for state-supported growth through biosciences research and development. The report linked below summarizes workshops and conversations held with agricultural stakeholders as well as ISU administrators, faculty, and staff. 

"Stakeholders provided on-the-ground insights into current economic opportunities, opportunities they hope to see in the future, and the kinds of support they need to pursue such opportunities."

Read the Report

ISU Workshop: Expanding Regenerative Agriculture in Iowa Through R&D

The Bioeconomy Institute and Office of the Vice President for Research are hosting an interdisciplinary workshop focused on regenerative agriculture. Faculty and staff are invited to join the workshop, where we will discuss opportunities to expand regenerative agriculture in Iowa through research and development. The workshop will be held November 16, 2023, from 2:30-5:00PM in the Memorial Union Sun Room. Input from a wide range of perspectives and disciplines is needed.

The goals of the workshop are to:

  • Convey findings from a study of stakeholder perspectives on opportunities for regenerative agriculture in Iowa,
  • Understand the breadth and depth of research being conducted on regenerative agriculture at ISU,
  • Identify key science gaps and also in ISU’s research and development capacity,
  • Assess synergies with the existing bioscience platforms such as Precision and Digital Agriculture and Biobased Products.

The workshop will be kicked off by Vice President for Research Peter Dorhout. It will include a brief summary of the results from a set of stakeholder workshops on regenerative agriculture held during fall semester, a series of 3-min lightening talks on research related to regenerative agriculture, and breakout discussions on emerging opportunities and research needs. Carolyn Lawrence-Dill, Associate Dean for Research and Discovery, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, will provide closing remarks.

The workshop is supported by the Iowa Economic Development Authority. A recent study of Iowa’s particular competitive advantages in the biosciences noted that Iowa has ‘core competencies and assets to advance a position in regenerative agriculture and associated regenerative technology.’ Accelerating the expansion of regenerative agricultural practices is likely to help Iowa respond effectively to shifting market demands and improve the lives of Iowans.  

The event planning team includes:

  • Dr. Lisa Schulte Moore, professor of natural resource ecology and management and co-director of the Bioeconomy Institute
  • Vivian Cook, Regenerative Agriculture Specialist, Bioeconomy Institute
  • Dr. John Crespi, Director, Center for Agricultural and Rural Development
  • Catherine DeLong, Water Program Specialist, ISU Extension and Outreach
  • Dr. Nadilia Gomez, Chief Technology Officer, Digital and Precision Agriculture
  • Dr. Jim Jordahl, Program Analyst, Bioeconomy Institute
  • Dr. Carolyn Lawrence-Dill, Associate Dean for Research and Discovery, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • Kevin Moore, Chief Technology Officer, Biobased Products

Please RSVP through Qualtrics by Nov. 2nd.  Presentation proposals for lightening talks can be simultaneously submitted through the registration link.

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