Robert Brown to Receive Don Klass Award at tcbiomass2015

[PHOTO]Robert C. BrownGas Technology Institute (GTI) announces that BEI Director Robert C. Brown will be presented with the 2015 Don Klass Award for Excellence in Thermochemical Conversion Science. This award recognizes Dr. Brown as a leader whose career has shaped the agenda of thermochemical biomass conversion, made substantial technical contributions, and mentored many young scientists and engineers in the field. He will receive the award in November at thetcbiomass2015 conference in Chicago. Learn more at the GTI Website

The Gazette | Iowa has the Blueprint for Energy Independence

“We’re five months away from the first in the nation Iowa caucuses. As the Caucus approaches, candidates and pundits will undoubtedly discuss America’s need to become energy independent. The good news is that America has a blueprint for becoming energy independent through renewable energy sources, and that blueprint is right here in Iowa.” Iowa Governor Terry Branstad discusses Iowa’s energy independence in an opinion piece in The Gazette. Read article on The Gazette Website

Video | BEI Featured in “Sustainability in Bioenergy: A Nation Connected”

“Sustainability in Bioenergy: A Nation Connected” is a short documentary highlighting personal stories and the efforts being made by communities across the United States to develop, produce, and provide bioenergy, while ensuring it is environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable. Several Iowa State University and BEI faculty and researchers are featured in the video.

From farmers and families in the Midwest, to researchers and business-owners on the coasts, “Sustainability in Bioenergy: A Nation Connected” is a prelude to future products that will provide first-hand views on how sustainability in bioenergy unites us as a nation. This video was developed by the U.S. Department of Energy Bioenergy Technologies.

Chemical Engineering | Pilot Plant Slated for a Fast-Pyrolysis Process that Converts Biomass into Fuels

Plans are underway to build a pilot plant for a fast-pyrolysis process that will convert 10 ton/d of biomass into bio-oil and bio-char. Chemical Engineering magazine’s Scott Jenkins provides an overview of the Bioeconomy Institute’s intent to build the plant at Iowa State’s BioCentury Research Farm. Read the article in Chemical Engineering magazine online.

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