Des Moines Register | Biofuels are worse than gasoline? Creative accounting leads to claim

In this article in the Des Moines Register, BEI’s Robert C. Brown writes, “Biofuels is getting renewed attention in the press these days, although in a manner that leaves experts in the field nonplussed. News headlines regularly announce that ‘biofuels are worse than gasoline.’ How can this be? We signed up to develop biofuels for its prospect to be ‘better than gasoline.’ Indeed, for the last decade I have counseled my students that renewable fuels are not inherently better than fossil fuels; it depends on how we grow and process biomass crops and use the resulting fuels. And yet the mantra of “biofuels is worse than gasoline” just doesn’t ring true. How is it worse than gasoline?” Read the article on the Des Moines Register Website

KWQC News | BioCentury Farming

Iowa State University is working towards a “greener” way of farming with help from the BioCentury Research Farm (BCRF). Students there are at the forefront of cutting edge biomass research, in hopes of creating a world with less waste and more profit. (A feature aired on KWQC-TV)

Business Record | Iowa’s Next Economic Frontier

Brent Willett, executive director of Iowa’s Cultivation Corridor, notes that fifty thousand jobs are projected to be created nationally in the biorenewable chemicals industry within the next five years, according to “Bio-Based Chemicals: The Iowa Opportunity”, a new report commissioned by the Cultivation Corridor with support from the Iowa Biotechnology Association. The paper argues a significant segment of those jobs could be created right here in Iowa. BEI deputy director Jill Euken is a co-author of the report. See the article in the Business Record online 

Ames Tribune | Chemical Tax Credits Could Create New Jobs in Story County

The Ames Tribune reports on a bill in the Iowa legislature aimed at creating a $10 million tax credit to entice companies to expand their renewable chemical manufacturing and advanced bio-refining operations in the state. The article cites a study, “Biobased Chemicals: The Iowa Opportunity,” co-authored by BEI deputy director Jill Euken, that examines the potential of the industry in Iowa. Read the article at Ames Tribune’s Website

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