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Knife Mill, Type SM2000 Heavy Duty Cutting Mill

Physically reduces the size of biomass particles to a predetermined size. View written SOP (PDF)

Sieve Shaker, Ro-TAP Model B Shaker

Obtains particle distributions by selected sizes. View written SOP (PDF)

5L New Brunswick BIOFLO 310 Fermentor

Fermentor with options of batch, fed batch, continuous culture. View written SOP (PDF)

Parr 6400 Isoperibol Bomb Calorimeter

Measures heat of combustion and higher heating value. View written SOP (PDF)

Steam Distillation Kit (custom)

Extracts essential oils from biomass. View written SOP (PDF)

Genesis Series Wabash MPI Compression Press (Compression molder)

A 15-ton compression molder. View written SOP (PDF)

Varian 430-GC, GC/FID

Analyzes gas phases of a liquid or head space samples. View written SOP (PDF)

Biodiesel Generator

The biodiesel generator is a diesel engine with an electric AC/DC generator. View written SOP (PDF)

Isotemp Oven OV700G

The isotemp oven is designed to be used for programmed tasks or simple, routine heating tasks. View written SOP (PDF)

Excella E-24 Incubator Shaker

An incubator shaker is a piece of laboratory equipment designed to mix components by horizontal plane rotary motion at different set temperatures. View written SOP (PDF)

Sorvall Legend X1 Centrifuge

A centrifuge is a laboratory product designed to separate components by the generation of relative centrifugal force. View written SOP (PDF)