BEI Trading Cards

Collect them all!

The BEI “trading cards” project is our attempt to reduce printing costs, lower our carbon footprint, and yet provide stakeholders and visitors with the latest information about our fast-moving institute, centers, programs, and partners.

The 3-1/2-in. x 2-in. cards replace traditional brochures and flyers and provide a brief overview of the topic and a link to the appropriate Web site. BEI can also provide a variety of the cards in packs, with cards selected for a particular event or visitor.

With this approach, we eliminate some printing and reduce our paper usage, but more importantly, we direct visitors to our Web sites for the latest information.

Click on a card to visit the Website/page it represents.

[IMAGE]BEI Trading Card  [IMAGE]BEI Trading Card (back) 

[IMAGE]Thermochemical Research Program trading card  [IMAGE]Thermochemical ResearchTrading Card

[IMAGE]Autothermal Pyrolysis trading card  [IMAGE]Autothermal pyrolysis trading card (back)

[IMAGE]RAPID Institute trading card (front)  [IMAGE]RAPID Institute trading card (back)

[IMAGE]Carbon negative trading card (front)[IMAGE]Carbon negative trading card (back)

[IMAGE]Biochar trading card  [IMAGE]Biochar Trading Card

[IMAGE]Hybrid Processing Trading Card  [IMAGE]Hybrid Processing trading card

[IMAGE]Computational Thermochemical Conversion  [IMAGE]Computational Thermochemical Conversion trading card

[IMAGE]BRL trading card  [IMAGE]BRL trading card

[IMAGE]BioCentury Research Farm trading card  [IMAGE]BioCentury Research Farm trading card

Bioeconomy Institute trading card