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Leading the Bioeconomy


The Bioeconomy Institute at Iowa State University is a 2022 XPRIZE Milestone awardee and leads the nation and world in establishing the bioeconomy, where society obtains renewable fuel, energy, chemicals, and materials from agricultural resources.

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The Bioeconomy Institute investigates the entire value chain of biobased products.

From plant breeding, biomass production, and logistics to processing, utilization, and economics policy, the Bioeconomy Institute takes a systems-wide approach to find environmentally and economically sustainable solutions. Our interdisciplinary approach means we bring experts and scientists from many fields to work together toward solutions.

The Bioeconomy Institute is collaborative.

The institute teams with innovative companies in Iowa and beyond, including companies in the fuels, power, agricultural, and pulp and paper industries. The Bioeconomy Institute also partners with major federal agencies, and on campus it has more than 200 affiliates and collaborates with all of Iowa State’s colleges.

The Bioeconomy Institute is at home in Iowa.

With its rich natural resources, vibrant agriculture and manufacturing industries, skilled workforce, favorable business environment, dynamic renewable energy initiatives, and innovative research institutes, Iowa is poised to lead the world in the bioeconomy.

The Bioeconomy Institute is experienced.

Since its founding in 2007, the Bioeconomy Institute has been conducting research and development and providing education in the bioeconomy field. It has completed more than $50 million in grants and contracts in the last five years.

The Bioeconomy Institute has world-class laboratories.

The Biorenewables Research Laboratory is a 70,000-sq.-ft. building housing state-of-the-art laboratory equipment, collaboration space, and labs for industry interactions.

The Bioeconomy Institute is tops in thermochemical technologies.

The Bioeconomy Institute is world renowned for its research into thermochemical conversion, where heat, pressure, and catalysts are used to convert cellulosic biomass—nonfood “energy” crops and agricultural residues such as corn stover—into valuable products.

The Bioeconomy Institute has unique resources.

The BioCentury Research Farm is a first-in-the-nation integrated research and demonstration facility for biomass production and processing. It also houses the Bioeconomy Institute’s pilot-scale systems.

Join us in building the bioeconomy.

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The Bioeconomy Institute works to engage its stakeholders as well as the general public in its effort to lead Iowa, the nation, and the world in building a sustainable bioeconomy.

The Bioeconomy Institute partners with industry, government, and other educational and research institutions. It also organizes and sponsors workshops, symposiums, and conferences, and it hosts tours of its one-of-a-kind facilities.

To explore how the Bioeconomy Institute and Iowa State can work with your organization to build the bioeconomy, please contact us.

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1140 Biorenewables Research Laboratory
617 Bissell Road
Iowa State University
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Twitter: @BioeconomyInst

Leading the Bioeconomy Brochure
Download a PDF of the Bioeconomy Institute’s Leading the Bioeconomy brochure.

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