New Edition of Thermochemical Processing Textbook Published

[BOOK COVER]Thermochemical Processing of Biomass: Conversion into Fuels, Chemicals, and Power Second EditionA new book edited by BEI Director Robert C. Brown, “Thermochemical Processing of Biomass: Conversion into Fuels, Chemicals, and Power Second Edition,” was released April 2019. Brown is a distinguished professor and Gary and Donna Hoover Chair in Mechanical Engineering at Iowa State University and one of Biofuels Digest’s “Top 100 People” in bioenergy for six consecutive years.

The new edition is described as a “comprehensive examination of the large number of possible pathways for converting biomass into fuels and power through thermochemical processes.” It features contributions by a distinguished group of European and American researchers and combines an overview of the current status of thermochemical biomass conversion as well as engineering aspects to appeal to the broadest audience

The 408-page book incorporates two new chapters covering condensed phased reactions of thermal deconstruction of biomass and life cycle analysis of thermochemical processing systems. It offers a new introductory chapter that provides a more comprehensive overview of thermochemical technologies. The book also features fresh perspectives from new authors covering such evolving areas as solvent liquefaction and hybrid processing. Other chapters cover combustion, gasification, fast pyrolysis, upgrading of syngas and bio-oil to liquid transportation fuels, and the economics of thermochemically producing fuels and power, and more.

This edition features several Iowa State contributions, including chapters by Brown; Zhiyou Wen, a professor of food science and human nutrition; and Laura R. Jarboe, an associate professor of chemical and biological engineering and chair of the Interdepartmental Microbiology Graduate Program; and Mark M. Wright, an associate professor of mechanical engineering. Moreover, additional chapters were written by current and former ISU students, including Karl M. Broer, Chad Peterson, Arpa Ghosh, Martin R. Haverly, and Tristan Brown.

The book is available from John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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