Funding Opportunity | Environmental Research & Education Foundation (EREF)

Sponsor: Environmental Research & Education Foundation (EREF)
Title: Research Grants
Proposal Type: Pre-proposal (required), Full Proposal (invited)
Deadline: Pre-proposal due May 1, 2019 OR December 1, 2019
Funding range: $15,000 – $500,000 to cover two years; cost sharing is encouraged but not required. Overhead limited to 25% of direct costs
Topics: Research Topic Areas:

  • Waste minimization
  • Recycling
  • Waste conversion to energy, biofuels, chemicals or other useful products.  This includes, but is not limited to, the following technologies:
    • Waste-to-energy
    • Anaerobic digestion
    • Composting
    • Other thermal or biological conversion technologies
  • Strategies to promote diversion to higher and better uses (e.g. organics diversion, market analysis, optimized material management, logistics, etc.)
  • Landfilling

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