Funding Opportunity | NSF’s Dear Colleague Letter: Research Coordination Networks (RCNs)

NSF’s ‘Dear Colleague Letter: Research Coordination Networks (RCNs) for driving convergent science with the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON)’ opportunity for up to $500,000; see (NSF 19-031) for details.

Abstract: Coordination of new and existing scientists  conducting research enabled by the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON). NEON is a continental-scale network of standardized field instruments, sensors, and manual biological sampling that will enable reproducible research over the next 30 years. Solutions for the most persistent challenges facing the ecological sciences today are hindered by our limited understanding of the complex interactions between living and non-living systems operating over large spatial and temporal scales. Because many environmental controls, responses, and feedbacks operate over regional to continental scales, they cannot be investigated mechanistically by disconnected studies of individual ecosystems over short periods of observation. Understanding ecological processes at continental scale has been impeded by a lack of distributed ecological research infrastructure that would enable the research needed to address complex issues at the necessary spatiotemporal scales. NEON is a major facility for studying the biosphere synoptically at regional to continental scales and for supporting ecological forecasts in North America with openly accessible methods and high precision data products.

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