New Proposal Manager Focused on Service

[PHOTO]Kristin DoerderInterest and certification in research administration has led Kristin Doerder to the Bioeconomy Institute, where she was named proposal manager in December 2015. “Full proposal preparation is new to me but it’s one of the reasons I was attracted to the position,” Doerder says.

Doerder provides pre-award service and proposal preparation assistance for BEI faculty, staff, and affiliates. She has already submitted several grant proposals in her short time at BEI.

With a degree in accounting from Iowa State University, Doerder has spent her career here as well. She has had stints with the departments of genetics, development, and cell biology and English, working as an accountant and also assisting with grants and proposals. She then moved on to College of Liberal Arts, where she worked on research projects and grants. More recently, she was with the Iowa Soybean Research Center, helping the new center get established when it began in 2014.

Interdisciplinary Research Proposals

In 2015, Doerder passed the Certified Research Administrators exam to earn CRA certification. The Research Administrators Certification Council administers the program, which provides formal recognition of basic knowledge in the field.

Doerder says the proposal manager position combines her accounting background and ability to build budgets with her project management skills. “I enjoy working with our fantastic faculty and interdisciplinary teams,” she says, adding that she is working to get up to speed on the wide-ranging BEI-affiliated faculty.

Indeed, many BEI proposals are complex and require collaboration of a number of researchers. For instance, Doerder is currently working on a proposal that requires three or more disciplines and will involve contributors from outside Iowa State.

BEI business manager Becky Staedtler says BEI is happy to have Doerder on its team. “Kristin has not only an accounting background, but years of experience dealing with different aspects of proposal submissions at ISU,” she says. “The proposal manager at BEI is critical because without proposals, there are no awards, and without funding, it would be impossible to achieve our mission.”

Doerder adds, “All proposals are unique. I like the variety of work, the challenge of working with different funding agencies, and the reward of obtaining new funding for Iowa State.”

Doerder’s office is in 1140B Biorenewables Research Laboratory. She can be reached at, 515-294-6711.


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