National Bioenergy Day @ Iowa State University, Oct. 21

[LOGO]National Bioenergy DayOctober 21, 2015, Noon – 4:00 p.m.
Sukup Atrium
Iowa State University

Iowa State University participated in the 3rd annual National Bioenergy Day. The day united some 60 organizations across the country that support bioenergy.

Iowa State’s event aimed to educate the university’s 36,000+ students about the many research, educational, extracurricular, and career opportunities related to bioenergy at Iowa State as well as the state of Iowa. It featured exhibits and activities from the organizations listed below, showcasing Iowa State’s and Iowa’s many efforts in bioenergy.

[PHOTO]National Bioenergy Day @ Iowa State UniversityHosts

[LOGO]Bioeconomy Institute
Iowa State University’s Bioeconomy Institute (BEI) opens opportunities in Iowa’s burgeoning bioeconomy, where our society looks to agriculture for sustainable sources of fuel, energy, chemicals, and materials.
More about BEI

[LOGO\CenUSA Bioenergy
CenUSA Bioenergy is an ambitious Iowa State University-based, USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) sponsored, research project investigating the creation of a Midwestern sustainable biofuels and bioproducts system.
More about CenUSA Bioenergy

Iowa NSF EPSCoR is a $20+ million, five-year National Science Foundation program to build Iowa’s research capacity in renewable energy and energy efficiency.
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C6 BioFarm
The C6 BioFarm game suite is designed for middle school classrooms in STEM and agriculture based subjects.

Biorenewable Resources and Technology
Graduate Program

Iowa State’s Biorenewable Resources and Technology (BRT) graduate program offers students from a variety of science and engineering backgrounds advanced study in the use of plant- and crop-based resources for the production of biobased products, including fuels, chemicals, materials, and energy.
More about the BRT program

[LOGO]Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, Iowa State University
The Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering is a leader in providing engineering solutions to agricultural problems in the United States and the world. Research is being directed increasingly toward biosystems engineering through the use of biosensors, image analysis, biological systems modeling, and the design and control of biological systems and processes. Biorenewable and biofuels products and processes are an important focus of these research and teaching efforts.

More about the Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

[LOGO]BioCentury Research Farm
The BioCentury Research Farm (BCRF) is the first-in-the-nation integrated research and demonstration facility dedicated to biomass production and processing located seven miles west of the ISU campus on US Highway 30. It offers opportunities for large pilot and pre-commercial scale research in biomass feedstock production, harvest, transport, storage, preparation, processing and laboratory testing. Field plots for crop production trials, field equipment modification and testing facilities, biomass storage facilities and biomass conversion facilities are available for on- and off-campus users.  A new $5 million biopolymer processing plant (500 kg/day) has been built and commissioned for use. The BCRF is administered by the Center for Crops Utilization Research.
More about the BioCentury Research Farm

[LOGO]Center for Crops Utilization Research
The Center for Crops Utilization Research (CCUR) is a resource to assist ISU researchers and external businesses with developing new processes, products and markets for corn, soybean, and other crops. CCUR strives to add value to grain and plant materials by conducting grant and contract research; offering short courses, workshops, seminars and training; performing analytical testing, pilot plant processing, and consumer evaluation services; providing technical consulting services; and offering small-business incubator services. The center has state-of-the-art laboratory and pilot plant processing and analytical equipment.
More about the Center for Crops Utilization Research

The Center for Biorenewable Chemicals (CBiRC) is developing the tools, components and materials needed to transform carbohydrate feedstocks into biobased chemicals.
More about the Center for Biorenewable Chemicals (CBiRC)

STRIPS stands for Science-based Trials of Rowcrops Integrated with Prairie Strips. The STRIPS project is composed of a team of scientists, educators, farmers, and extension specialists working on the prairie strips farmland conservation practice. STRIPS research shows that farmers and landowners who convert 10% of a crop-field to diverse, native perennials can reduce the amount of soil leaving fields by 90% and the amount of nitrogen leaving their fields through surface runoff by up to 85%.
More about the STRIPS program

[LOGO]Live Green!
Live Green! is Iowa State University’s campus-wide sustainability initiative, encouraging all students, faculty and staff to be fully committed to and engaged in making our campus, our operations and initiatives environmentally, economically and socially sustainable.
More about Live Green!

[LOGO]City of Ames Resource Recovery
For 40 years, the City of Ames has been turning trash into fuel. Built in 1975, the Resource Recovery Plant was the first municipally owned waste-to-energy facility in the nation. By pulling out metals for recycling and shredding garbage into smaller and smaller pieces, the Resource Recovery Plant is able to convert 70 to 75 percent of solid waste into refuse-derived fuel (RDF) for the Ames Power Plant.
More about City of Ames

Advanced Renewable Technology International Inc. (ARTi) was founded in 2013 by a team of PhD student from Iowa State University that offers consulting services, production and manufacture of Biochar; and Biochar production systems to customers in the US. ARTi is a greener, safer and environmentally friendly bio renewable enterprise that focuses on enhancing biochar production and utilization efficiently and effectively.”
More about Advanced Renewable Technology International Inc.

The ISU BioBus student organization makes biodiesel from reclaimed vegetable oil from ISU Dining and supplies it to CyRide for use in one or more of the transit vehicles which services Iowa State University and the community of Ames, Iowa. ISU BioBus also does community outreach on the basis of educating about renewable fuels. ISU BioBus is open to all students on campus as well as faculty, staff, and visitors from the surrounding communities.
More about ISU BioBus

[LOGO]Engineers for a Sustainable World
Engineers for a Sustainable World is a group of engineering and non-engineering students. We initiate and execute local and international projects that find technical solutions to problems in sustainability. We will be presenting one of our current local projects, which is to design and make a biofuel gasifier.

Bioeconomy Institute trading card