BEI Launches “Opening Doors” Campaign

The Bioeconomy Institute at Iowa State University has launched its “opening doors to the bioeconomy” campaign to raise awareness of its research, education, and engagement capabilities, especially among potential industry, academic, and government partners.

[IMAGE]BEI Innovation Iowa Ad

The initial push is a two-page advertisement in the Innovation Iowa, an annual magazine that highlights Iowa companies and organizations and their technological achievements. The publication reports on recent achievements and what the future holds for biotechnology in Iowa, including bioscience and agriculture, advanced manufacturing, information technology, and science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education. View a PDF of the ad

A companion Web page delves deeper into BEI’s many advantages. These include its focus on the entire bioproducts supply chain, long history of collaborating with other academic departments, institutes, federal agencies, and industry; and world-leading thermochemical conversion research. BEI also benefits from being located in the heart of Iowa’s “Cultivation Coordidor.” The institute also works to educate tomorrow’s scientists and engineers and has world-class facilities in which to conduct its research.

The “opening doors” message is also featured in BEI’s unique Opening Doors Brochure  (PDF; large file) and in an animated presentation (below).

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