Seminar | Swedish Researchers to Discuss Aspens as Bioenergy Feedstock

Productivity and thinning effects of hybrid aspen (Populus tremula × P. tremuloides) root sucker stands in Sweden

Monday, Nov. 10, 10:00 a.m. Room 233, Science III, Iowa State University

Rebecka McCarthy* and Lars Rytter
The Forestry Research Institute of Sweden and The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

A special seminar presented by Iowa State University’s Dept. of Natural Resource Ecology and Management.

A large part of the energy used in Sweden comes from bioenergy. The interest for woody biomass is still increasing and the Nordic vision is to become independent of fossil fuel by 2050. One way to approach this vision is to use fast-­‐growing tree species. This seminar will address management options for early biomass harvests in hybrid aspen root sucker stands (Populus tremula × P. tremuloides) and leave the option to continue to conventional forest management. The seminar will also address general management of hybrid aspen in Sweden, including measures to prevent damages from game populations, where both moose and deer can cause severe problems.


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