Browns’ Book Named “Book of the Year”

[BOOK COVER]Why Are We Producing Biofuels?Biofuels Digest has named “Why Are We Producing Biofuels” by Robert C. and Tristan R. Brown as the Book of the Year. The honor is part the 2012 Biofuels Digest Awards. The editors noted that the book is a “thoroughly enjoyable read.” They also called Robert Brown “Iowa State’s Duke of Thermochemical.” Biofuels Digest is a daily newsletter covering producer news, research, policy, policymakers, conferences, fleets and financial news. It was 33,000 subscribers.

The book, published in 2012, provides an insider’s understanding of the current research in the field. Robert Brown has written many technical books, but this was his first book aimed at a general audience. The intended audience is educators, policy makers, business leaders, and anyone curious about biofuels.

“Why Are We Producing Biofuels” can be purchased at

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