Carbon Negative Effort on Display at Sustainability Meeting

The Initiative for a Carbon Negative Economy (ICNE) will be on hand to explain its vision at the 2012 International Annual Meetings of the American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, & Soil Science Society of America. The event takes place in Cincinnati, Ohio, Oct. 21 to 24, 2012. The Initiative for a Carbon Negative Economy (ICNE) envisions systems that go beyond reducing greenhouse gas emissions to actively remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere while simultaneously supporting economic activities.

The ICNE exhibit will explain the initiative and its mission. It will also highlight biochar, a by-product of making biofuels via pyrolysis, and its role in a carbon negative economy. Biochar can sequester carbon and boost soil fertility in an economically feasible fashion. CenUSA Bioenergy, an Iowa State University-based, USDA-NIFA-sponsored, research project investigating the creation of a Midwestern sustainable biofuels system, will also be featured in the display.

ICNE researches and develops technologies to capture, utilize and sequester carbon or carbon dioxide via photosynthesis or other mechanisms in value-added, regionally-optimized systems that enhance food production, ecosystems, economic development and/or national security. The effort is studying carbon fixation through high-yielding biomass; carbon negative energy; and carbon sequestration through carbon dioxide disposal and application of biochar. The initiative is supported by Iowa State University’s College of Engineering.



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