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Seminar | Swedish Researchers to Discuss Aspens as Bioenergy Feedstock

Productivity and thinning effects of hybrid aspen (Populus tremula × P. tremuloides) root sucker stands in Sweden Monday, Nov. 10, 10:00 a.m. Room 233, Science III, Iowa State University Rebecka McCarthy* and Lars Rytter The Forestry Research Institute of Sweden and The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences A special seminar presented by Iowa State University’s Dept. […]

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In the News | Iowa State, ExxonMobil Program Featured in Biofuels Digest

Jim Lane, editor and publisher of Biofuels Digest newsletter, takes an in-depth look at the recently announced ExxonMobil Biofuels Program at Iowa State University. In the article, BEI director Robert Brown talks about the program and understanding the reactions that occur during pyrolysis. Read the article at Biofuels Digest

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Speaker | Overcoming Technical and Non-Technical Barriers On the Road to Commercialization

 Jim Spaeth Bioenergy Demonstration & Market Transformation Program Manager, U.S. Department of Energy One of the Energy Department’s key objectives in bioenergy is to foster development of a robust, commercially-competitive biorefinery industry and help reduce the risk associated with designing, constructing and operating first-of-a-kind biorefinery demonstrations. This assistance is critical to enable private sector confidence to invest in […]

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U.S. DOE | Interdisciplinary Physical Scientist/General Engineer

Interdisciplinary Physical Scientist/ General Engineer, GS-1301/801-13. U. S. Dept. of Energy. On USAJOBS #DOE-HQ-EE-14-00417-MP and DOE-HQ-EE-14-00417-CR. The application is open until October 21, 2014. Merit Promotion Open to all U.S. Citizens

Opportunities | DOE ARPA-E Terra FOA

DE-FOA-0001211:  TRANSPORTATION ENERGY RESOURCES FROM RENEWABLE AGRICULTURE (TERRA) There is an urgent need to accelerate energy crop development for the production of renewable transportation fuels from biomass. Recent technological advancements have now made it possible to extract massive volumes of genetic, physiological, and environmental data from certain crops, but, even with these resources, the data […]

In the News | Bioenergy Education Effort Featured in Ethanol Producer Magazine

A group of university engineers and scientists, including some from Iowa State University’s Bioeconomy Institute, is spreading the word about work being done in bioenergy and its potential to reduce climate impacts linked to fossil fuels, increase the value of agricultural products, revitalize rural communities, bolster national security and curb U.S. reliance on imports. Called […]

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BEI’s Brown Wins Bioenergy Impact Award

Robert C. Brown, BEI director, has won the “Bioenergy Impact Award” from the Iowa Energy Center (IEC). The center’s 2014 Impact Awards “celebrate those who are making a difference in their industry, their communities, and in the State of Iowa when it comes to advancements in energy and energy efficiency.” The award cites Brown’s career […]

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Iowa State Student Wins tcs2014 Poster Competition

Martin Haverly, a Ph.D. student in mechanical engineering at Iowa State University, won first place and $1,000 in the Frontier Lab Young Scientist Awards competition at the tcs2014 conference held in Sept. in Denver, C0. He won the award for this poster, “Evaluation of polymer compatibility with bio-oil.” Martin Haverly (right) accepts the first place award […]

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Call for Presentations and Posters | The Midwest Bio-Economy and Safer Products Summit

The Midwest Bio-Economy and Safer Products Summit Regional Innovation Solving Global Problems Hosted by the Minnesota Green Chemistry Forum Call for Presentations and Posters Submit By November 3rd, 2014 Visit the Conference Program page today for more information on the summit’s topics. Share your innovations, insights and strategies at the Regional Conference for green chemistry and […]

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In the News | Brown Comments on HCN Levels in Syngas

Biofuels Digest reported recently on excessive levels of hydrogen cyanide (HCN) gas in an INEOS Bio plant. As a followup, BEI Director Robert C. Brown explained his research group’s findings on the topic.  See the article, Digest feedback may help explain INEOS Bio’s high levels of HCN gas in Biofuels Digest.

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